Fee Schedule

Table data for Fee Schedule
Alert Me
Account Close (within 6 months of opening) $10.00 per account
Account Research $20.00 per hour
ACH Single Transaction/ Origination $10.00
Additional Statement Printout $2.00 per page
Automatic Transfer (Share to Draft) $2.00 per $100.00 transfer
Cashier Check $5.00 per check
Cashier Check (To pay NSF Check Return) $4.00 per check
Christmas & Summer Club Early Withdrawal $10.00 per account
Coin Processing 8% of total for non-members
Collection Item Sent to Bank $35.00 per item
Copies $1.00 per item
Copies of Drafts (Checks) $3.00 per item
Counter Checks $2.00 Per sheet (4 Checks)
Debit card (Application Fee) $5.00 for one
Dividend Earning Draft($500.00 Min. Balance) $5.00 per statement balance below min.
Dormant Account $10.00 per month with no activity for 2 years
Fax $2.00 for 5 pages, $.20 per page over 5
Garnishment/Levy $75.00
Insufficient Funds (Return and Paid Items) Draft, ACH $29.00 per item
International Debit/Credit Card Transactions 1% of transaction
IRA Closed Account Fee $5.00 each
IRA New Account Fee $3.50 each
IRA Transfer Out Fee $20.00 each transfer
IRA's Yearly Maintenance Fee $10.00 per calendar year
Loan Extension Fee $25.00 per extension
Money Orders $3.00 each
Non-Member Check Return $5.00
Notary Fee (Non Member) $2.00
Western Union $25.00 each
Wire Transfer - Domestic $20.00 per wire
(Over Reg D) $5.00 per $100.00 transfer
Paper Statement Fee $5.00 month
Reconciling Checkbook (1st Time-No Charge) $20.00 per hour
Replacement Card $5.00 each
Returned Mail $5.00 each time returned
Safety Deposit Box-Large $30.00 annual fee
Safety Deposit Box- Small $20.00 annual fee
Statement Special Handling Fee $2.00 per month
Stop Payment (Cashier Check) $30.00 per item (lost or stolen only)
Stop Payment (Drafts, ACH-Including ACH Revocation) $29.00 per item