Identity Theft Protection


When it comes to identity theft, you may be at risk. With every card swipe, social media post and online transaction, you leave a trail of personal information that thieves could access.  A identity theft isn’t just limited to the digital world, each day from home to work and everywhere in between, you are susceptible to identity theft. Approximeately 15 million United States REsidents have their identities used fraudently year with financial losses totaling upwards of 50 billion.

Enroll in Proactive Identity Theft Protection
To be protected, you need an alarm system for your identity. When LifeLock detects suspicious activity within their network, they notify members before the damage is done. LifeLock detection is different than traditional credit monitoring and offers a comprehensive set of features to protect against identity theft. Legal and remediation services only help after identity theft has occurred. As the industry leader, LifeLock provides peace of mind with proactive protection.

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