Campbell County Healthcare Foundation PET/CT Scan Machine

Campco FCU was overjoyed to assist in the promotion and education of the importance of a PET/CT Scan machine for the community. This machine will provide better patient experiences and improve patient radiation plans. Currently, patients have two options. They can wait for the traveling scan machine that is 15 years old and is only available twice a month or travel out of town. The traveling PET/CT scan machine creates difficulties for patients. It is usually very cold inside the trailer and if they need to use the restroom they have to walk back inside the hospital. These patients are already going through difficult times and this added hassle is not helping their situation.

Campco held a presentation January 24th, 2018 and invited all the local financial institutions to discuss the benefits of a local PET/CT scan machine. Campco and the other financial institutions challenged each other to raise funds and awareness for the PET/CT scan machine. Together with First National Bank of Gillette, Security State Bank, First Northern, and ANB; Campco has raised $17,750.00. We are always searching for outreach avenues to benefit our community and improve our members lives. We truly appreciate the other financial institutions who contributed their time and funding to this campaign and we look forward to working with them again in the future. 

If you would like to read more on the machine and how you can help please vist:

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