Closed: November 22nd-23rd in Observance of Thanksgiving!


Campco FCU prides ourself on a community first mind set. We have inacted a program to participate in one act of kindness per month, if not more. We enjoy getting out and helping take care of the community that has intrusted us with their financial needs since 1971. Check this page to keep up to date on the fun volunteer activities and events Campco puts on. 

 June 1st was National Say Something Nice Day!! Campco decided who better to show some kindness to than our local police force!!!! Campco was able to take over some cupcakes with written notes of thanks from the staff to our local police force as our first June Act of Kindness! We appreciate everything our police force does for us and our community!


Campco employees were able to take some sweat pants over to the local Council of Community Services as a Random Act of Kindness. Campco frequently works with the Council to provide necessary items and education for the community. We are always excited to help in any way we can!

sweat pants