Share Account (savings):

  • Base Share Account- required for membership
  • Mega Money- minimum balance $1000.00 required, monthly dividends.
  • Double Nickel- for Members 55 and older, $100.00 share balance required monthly dividends, some free or discounted benefits.
  • Pee Wee Penguin Club- young savers 12 and under
  • Share Certificates
  • Club Accounts- Christmas and Summer
  • I.R.A. Accounts-

Federal regulations limit the number of withdrawals or transfers to other accounts to six per month.  This includes transactions by telephone, debit card, check, draft, pre-authorized or electronic transfers, and online banking.  Unlimited ATM or in-person cash withdrawals are allowed and are not transactions included in the federal regulated limit.  All dividend rates compounded and paid monthly.

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