Board of Directors

Dirk Blackmer, Chairman

Janet Matheson, Treasurer

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and being a longtime resident of Campbell County, Janet Matheson serves on Campco’s board with a great sense of community spirit. After to moving to Campbell County in 1961, Janet graduated from Campbell County High School, then married her husband, Einar, in 1971. She and her husband raised a family and operated a local business in Campbell County. Janet also secured a position with Campbell County School District in 1980, and held various positions, beginning with a crossing guard. Today she works as a school bus Route Manager for the school district. In addition to volunteering her time to Campco, Janet also served on the boards of Campbell County Baseball Association and Little League. After acquiring membership in 1985, Janet began serving on Campco’s Supervisory Committee before her election to the Board of Directors. In her 19 years of service on the board, Janet has been involved in acquiring our current facilities as our Gillette branch continued its growth; and then was also involved in Wright’s acquisition of new land to build the new Wright branch building. Currently Janet serves as Treasurer on the board and also serves on Campco’s Asset Liability Committee, regularly participating in important financial decisions made by the credit union leadership at monthly board and committee meetings. Janet continuously expands her expertise by consistently attending seminars, conferences and industry roundtables. Most recently, she attended the National Directors’ Conference and completed financial training through a professional auditing firm. In addition to all her contributions, Janet has also supported credit union advocacy by attending the National Governmental Affairs Conference throughout the years. Janet’s background brings great value to Campco’s leadership, and brings with it a nice balance of maintaining hometown roots with the advancements that come with growth of the credit union.

Bryan Mills, Vice Chairman

Ted Gajewski, Director

Sandy Schofield, Director

Sandy made Campbell County her home in 1976, acquired land ownership with several horses, and raised her family on the homestead. Before being elected to Campco’s Board of Directors, Sandy began her relationship with Campco when she established membership in 1981. Sandy took that relationship one step further when she joined Campco’s Credit Committee, reviewing and helped to make loan decisions. She served on that committee for 20 years. Then in 2005 Sandy was elected to the Board of Directors and has been serving as the VP of Membership after retiring from a long career working in management at the City of Gillette’s print shop. Because of Sandy’s rural roots, she is able to provide acuity into one of Campbell County’s major Economic components – agriculture. Sandy continuously demonstrates her passion for the credit union’s overall well-being by getting involved and represents what Wyoming life is all about. While Sandy has been the VP of membership, the membership has grown approximately 10%, and she continues to stay atop of industry trends and Board training by being active and attending as many seminars and conferences available to her. Most recently she has completed financial training through a professional auditing firm, attended a Business Development Conference, the 30th Annual Bottom Line conferences for credit unions, and regularly attends Asset Liability Management meetings at the credit union.

Lillian Wollman, Secretary